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NEW YORK in USA– SHOWTIME Sports today publish that the first episode of ALL ACCESS: Floyd Mayweather v Conor McGregor will be provided free to consumers who do not sign up to SHOWTIME Channel, recently following the network premiere today’s night at 10 p.m. PT.


Beginning tonight, the first part will be available for free on many platforms including YouTube and SHO.com and other online getways. Consumers can also sample the premiere part for free across Many television and streaming providers’ Mobiles Laptops, websites and applications and free On Demand many channels. The consequent part of the four-part series, which will telecast as premiere each Friday at 10 p.m. PT on SHOWTIME, will be available only to SHOWTIME registers.

Floyd Mayweather:

Weekly partial payment of the Emmy® Award-winning series ALL ACCESS will pull back the curtain on 26 ugust blockbuster bout between unbeaten Floyd-Mayweather and UFC® superstar Conor McGregor. Four beginning parts will engage fans in the lives and training camps of the press briefing, appealing champions, certificating their preparation for an unparalleled fight that has captured the world’s concentration.

Conor Mcgregor :

Winner of enormous Emmy Awards, the SHOWTIME Sports actual franchise takes viewers behind the scenes of boxing’s largest events and circumvents the world’s most fascinating fighters with primary access and signature narrative.

SHOWTIME registers will have access to the whole series on SHOWTIME ON DEMAND®, SHOWTIME ANYTIME® and SHOWTIME the staid in line streaming service enough through Amazon, Apple®, Google, Roku, Xbox One, Samsung TVs and at showtime.com, as well as through Amazon Channels, Hulu, YouTube-TV, Sling TV, and Sony computer game™ Vue. These series will also be available through TV providers’ registered online services. Read More.

Floyd Mayweather retracts August 26 date for Conor McGregor fight Of the year

Floyd Mayweather retracts August 26 date for conor McGregor fight Of the year. It doesn’t appear that August 26th will be the date that Floyd Mayweather faces off with Conor McGregor after all. It had been reported that Mayweather, through his promotional company, had requested the date with the Nevada State Athletic Commission to stage a fight at the MGM Grand Arena. However, it has been reported by the LA Times that he retracted that request not long after making it.

Not long after requesting a hold on the MGM Grand Arena for August 26th, Floyd Mayweather has retracted it.

The item was on the agenda for a Wednesday meeting of the commission, and NAC head Bob Bennett said Mayweather Promotions has the ability to re-add the request to the agenda before then. Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor fight will be air on Showtime Pay per view channels .

One thing that was revealed on the agenda item is that the potential bout between the undefeated Mayweather and UFC lightweight champion McGregor would air on Showtime.

Where Mayweather vs Mcgregor fight live stream:  Mayweather vs Mcgregor fight live will be on showtime PPV.

If the date is indeed not in play, the bout would likely take place in November due to arena bookings and other factors. Neither fighter is actually licensed to box in Nevada at the moment either, but Bennett told the LA Times that the process wouldn’t take long if they did indeed want the fight to take place in August.